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Big news: The Grief Committee Minutes has found a home!

I’m delighted to share that my debut full-length book of poems is coming soon from Saint Julian Press! After three years of circulating my manuscript, three editors, three finalist designations (is there something about the number three?) — The Grief Committee Minutes has finally found a publisher. Saint Julian Press, based in Houston, will be […]

TGC finals for Wandering Aengus Book Award

Graphic showing winners of the 2023 Wandering Aengus Book Award

Bring it, 2024! A sweet highlight of 2023 came toward the end of it, and I’m hoping portends more good news in the months to come. My full-length collection made the finalist list in the Wandering Aengus Book Award competition. This acknowledgement was one more form of validation for the work, which amassed some very special […]

Third Place: ASP Bulletin Poetry Contest

I haven’t written a lot of new poems lately, choosing to  concentrating instead on submitting poems within my book manuscript that have yet to find a home. So when I read on Blue Sky that the ASP Bulletin — a publication of Alan Squire Publishing — was holding its inaugural poetry contest, I thought, why […]

TGC comes close again: Finalist, Barry Spacks Prize

Image of Kellum Ayres, winner of the 2023 Barry Spacks Prize

Hooray for late summer news! My little manuscript is being read and considered by several different publishers right now. I tend to dismiss my chances for earlier versions of the work, as I’ve kept revising it over a two-year period, so I was completely surprised and pleased to learn that a slightly earlier version of […]

Finalist honors! Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize

Finalist honors, Marsh Hawk

My first-book manuscript, The Grief Committee, has gotten a little love! I’m thrilled. I learned a few weeks ago that I was a finalist for the Marsh Hawk Poetry Prize, which carries a $1,000 award and book publication. While I didn’t win…I really did, because this is the most meaningful recognition I’ve had yet for […]