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Update: The Grief Committee Minutes now available for pre-order!
Those of you who’ve followed my news know my new book of poems is forthcoming from Saint Julian Press. The official publication date is Sept. 15…less than two months away! Yesterday, my publisher let me know he had put a press release about the book on his website, and would be populating it with pre-order...
Cover and back cover of new book, The Grief Committee Minutes.

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"The Grief Committee Minutes"

I’m excited to share that my debut full-length book of poems, The Grief Committee Minutes, is forthcoming from Saint Julian Press in September 2024. Press release is here. Pre-order now at Bookshop and at Barnes & Noble. 


Accommodations, winner of the 2018 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Award, is available for orders via AmazonBarnes & Noble, and IndieBound. Ordering information is also available at the Concrete Wolf website.

"The Heart Contracts"

Sarah Carey’s debut chapbook of poems, The Heart Contracts, is available for orders through Finishing Line Press and Amazon. Orders may be made online directly through the publisher’s website.

About the author

Sarah Carey is an award-winning veterinary public relations specialist, science writer and Pushcart-nominated poet. She holds a master’s degree in English with a creative writing concentration from Florida State University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous literary journals, including Gulf Coast, Sugar House Review, Valparaiso Poetry Review, Grist, Five Points and Redivider, among many others. She received the Concrete Wolf Chapbook Award for her last collection of poems, Accommodations, (2019). Her debut poetry chapbook, The Heart Contracts, was published in 2016 by Finishing Line Press.

Sarah Carey

From Readers


This collection starts off with an ache that pulls a reader in uncontrollably with sorrow and beauty. It is a tremendous manuscript that begs to be read over and over. Organic in the purest sense. Anyone encountering these poems will be stunned.

Amy MacLennan Chapbook Award Judge, author of The Body, A Tree

Sarah Carey makes many gracious accommodations to family, to the inevitable losses in an ordinary life, and to the idea of home in all its human dimensions in this intelligent, sensitive, and generous collection. She meditates on “the long valediction” of a fully lived life and comes to artful terms with the repercussions of love and mortality in poems that ring true and resonate. Breathe the slow wind, she writes, another storm is always coming. We know it in our bones, and we see it again and again in these lovely measures.

Sidney Wade author of Bird Book and Straits & Narrows

Every one of Sarah Carey’s poems is taut, tense, terse, tough. And close to tiny: most are within a line or two of half a page. In that sense, they’re like those little candles some people put around their houses, lighting up everything that’s true and beautiful and sometimes scary about domestic life. Oh, and one more thing about these poems: they’re terrific.

David Kirby Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English at Florida State University and author of more than two dozen volumes of criticism, essays, children’s literature, pedagogy, and poetry; National Book Award finalist