What a fun project! My friend, Tamara Lush, whom I first met professionally a few years ago when she came to my place of work to cover a story, is an accomplished emerging author in the romance genre. Her first book, Hot Shade, came out earlier this year and she’s got lots of other projects underway.

I was flattered and honored when she asked if I’d participate in her new blog project, which features interviews with women writers she has connected with in some way and with stories she wants to help them share — about what inspires them, how they work and so much more. I sure enjoyed participating. I’m constantly amazed by how supportive and generous I have found people to be when they learned my first poetry chapbook had been accepted for publication. People bought their advance copies, they told their friends, they shared and most of all they let me know they cared.

You can read my interview on Tamara’s blog, Sexy Stories for Smart Women, here.  Enjoy!